About Baker Commercial Properties

Mission Statement

Baker Commercial Properties is a commercial real estate owner, developer, and investment company that maintains a diversified portfolio in multiple property types, mostly throughout the Southeast. Through careful and attentive philosophies to development, asset management, and investment, we offer members of our family the wealth preservation and income generation they seek for long-term financial stability. Our philosophy of investing in people--employees, partners, and business associates—has helped us achieve significant growth over the life of the company. We seek to continue to create new value for the family by creating strong partnerships and investing in well-positioned real estate opportunities.

Baker Commercial Properties was originally founded by first cousins David Baker and Lee Baker in Columbia, South Carolina in 1948 as Baker and Baker. David and Lee were graduates of the University of South Carolina Law School before they began developing office buildings throughout the Columbia area.

In 1963, the firm entered the retail market by developing the first K-Mart store in Columbia. In 1979, the company co-developed the first outlet mall in Columbia, Outlet-Pointe. In 1986, the firm developed an 180,000 square foot office facility for Bell South in Columbia, which formerly served as the Midlands Regional Office for AT&T. Also in 1994, Baker and Baker developed its first Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse in Columbia. In the decades since, Baker and Baker, now Baker Commercial Properties, have developed retail and office locations throughout the south east. The company now owns and manages a diverse portfolio, with plans to continue to develop and renovate commercial, mixed-use residential and hospitality properties.

In 1995, David’s son, John Baker, and Lee’s son-in-law Steven Anastasion took over as managing partners for David and Lee. As of 2022, Steve is the lone managing partner following John’s retirement.

Baker Commercial Properties is now in its third generation and has a staff of 10 with property management and retail development performed in house.